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Gay Sexy xxx video Fuck like a pornstar.

I get emails weekly from readers who ask what is the best position to fuck a girl in and how long they should have sex for before cumming. Hear me loud and clear: Fucking a girl properly is only partially physical. The rest is psychological.

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Turning her on physically is a part of the process, but turning her mind on and getting into her head is what you want to do. This separates you from the boys who are trying to utilize every sex position known to mankind to impress her. You are an alpha caveman and you command her.

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She is there to please you. Get the concept of the two of you lying on a bed of roses and gently having missionary sex out of your head, if you Fuck like a pornstar want to keep her around.

You have to manhandle her and be a man: Any alpha playboy in development should know these few core positions and utilize them. Anything other than these is gravy, but these are great dominating positions that have served me well for over a decade.

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Usually girls get off from riding a cock as Fuck like a pornstar, so if you actually want to make her cum, then sit back and let her ride you for a bit. Ready to read the entire page ebook? Girls today are jaded by multiple partners, being frequent porn viewers themselves and sexual experimentation to the 9th degree. What alpha males get, is that women actually fantasy and enjoy rough consensual sex.

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If she has longer hair, you can wrap it around your hand while fucking her Fuck like a pornstar style. Do a couple of hand wraps with her hair and pull consistently. Guaranteed she gets wetter than Free Willy. Most do, but test the waters.

This is highly fucking erotic. If you shoot your load on her face, then odds are some cum will hit the floor.

Say this while doing it: Lick it up, lick it up. Your material goods will survive just fine. Rest assured gentlemen, the most innocent looking girls are the most slutty in bed. Unleash her inner slut with these moves.

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