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Homo naledi is an extinct species of homininwhich anthropologists first described in September and have assigned to the genus Homo.

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The species is characterised by a body mass and stature similar to small-bodied human populations, a smaller endocranial volume similar to Australopithecusand a skull shape similar to early Homo species.

The skeletal anatomy presents ancestral features known from australopithecines with more recent features associated with later hominins.

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The fossils were discovered by recreational cavers Rick Hunter and Steven Tucker in in the almost inaccessible Dinaledi Chamber "chamber of stars" in the Sotho-Tswana language. There are some indications that the hominin bodies may have been deliberately placed in the cave near the time of their death.

Before exploring the cave that day, the cavers had been asked by fellow caver and geologist Pedro Boshoff to let him know if they came across any fossils.

In Novemberthe National Geographic Society and the University of the Witwatersrand funded the Rising Star Expeditiona twenty-one-day excavation at the cave, [15] followed by a second expedition in March for a 4-week-excavation in the Dinaledi Chamber.

In total, more than 1, pieces of bone belonging to at least fifteen individuals have been recovered from the clay -rich sediments. The bones of old, young, and infants were found. The description of the new species was announced at a press conference on 10 September held at Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The University of the Witwatersrand Homo physical fit studs movies the curator of the Homo physical fit studs movies.

The physical characteristics of H. The skeletal anatomy displays plesiomorphic "ancestral" features found Homo physical fit studs movies the australopithecines and more apomorphic "derived," or traits arising separately from the ancestral state features known from later hominins.

An analysis of H. The hands of H. The thumb, wrist, and palm bones are modern-like while the fingers are curved, more australopithecine, and useful for climbing.

The vertebrae are most similar to Pleistocene members of the genus Homowhereas the ribcage is wide distally as is A. The teeth and mandible musculature are much smaller than those of most australopithecines, which suggests a diet that did not require heavy mastication.

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Analyses of excavated middle-ear bones called incusshow that morphologically and metrically, the tiny bones resemble Homo physical fit studs movies of chimpanzees, gorillas, and Paranthropus robustus more than they do later members of the genus Homo. The overall anatomical structure of the species has prompted the investigating Homo physical fit studs movies to classify the species within the genus Homorather than within the genus Australopithecus.

A reconstruction of a model of a H. The measurements were used to make the model, including skin, eyes, and hair. In Mayanthropologists provided evidence that the brain of H. Almost half of H. Crown shape supports this finding, with taller crowned and more wear resistant molars, potentially evolving to protect against abrasive particles.

The bones were found lying on the cave floor or buried in its claylike sediments "mud clast breccias " interspersed with layers of deposited calcite flowstone.

Geologists estimate that the cave in which the fossils were discovered is no older than three million years. Francis Thackeray, of the University of the Witwatersrand, suggested that H. Duringmembers of the team worked on determining the geological age of the fossil deposit, applying techniques that can be used to date the site's flowstones, [47] and in the paper Dirks et al.

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